Welcome Nurses

GLONUR® welcomes you as a member of our large and fast-growing fraternity. Here, you are in the midst of friends, ample talent and opportunity. This is a place you would want to call your own. When you travel out of your comfort zone, to places unknown, to workplaces you may not be sure of and with nobody to fall back on for advice, we are there for you.

GLONUR® is not just a website that links employers with prospective employees from across the world. We also do the initial hand-holding. We also guide you into new worlds, new adventures, new lives. That is because we know how far you have travelled in life, how many sacrifices you have made along the way and how you desire to be appreciated, applauded. Consider us your family away from family.

We also welcome you to visit our social media sites that we have listed below. Here you can engage with others you would want to know. Engage with us, share your story of courage, your adventures, your achievements. Let us partake of your success, your wisdom, your happiness.

GLONUR® is an organisation that wants to walk with you through thick and thin. Be with us for a rewarding career, return to find better opportunities, share your success and tell friends of the TRUST and sincerity you felt being with us. We believe that word of mouth is the best publicity we can have. Your word would be laced with honesty and sincerity, things that no advertisement can emulate.

When you are in our social media pages, we encourage you to share your pictures and videos along with your stories. Your example may encourage another to dream bigger. That is our objective. That is our goal.

Social Media

Website : https://www.glonur.com

Facebook : www.facebook.com/glonur

Twitter: www.twitter.com/glonurofficial

Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7L_ENQRFy1tzsfd1R-wlSQ

Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/glonurofficial/

Medium : https://glonur.medium.com

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